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Base Package ( 7 days to 14 days ) 

• Head massage

• Abhyangam (Complete body massage)

• Svedanam (Steam)

• Lepanam (Complete body paste application)

• Full body kashayadhaara (Vethu kuli)

• Dhoopanam (Fumigation of body)

• Mukhalepanam (Ayurveda facial according to skin)

• Baby massage and baby bath

• Veshtanam (Abdominal binding for strengthening and regaining the normal size of belly)

• Yoni dhoopanam (Fumigation of vagina for preventing infection)

• Post partum depression Counselling.

Home Care Benefits 

Happy Baby


Step into the realm of Ayurastra's POSTNATAL CARE HOME SERVICE, where the ancient art of Ayurveda merges seamlessly with modern comfort. Our mission at Ayurastra is to guide and support new mothers through their postnatal journey, offering a blend of timeless Ayurvedic practices and personalized care.
Ayurastra targets the well-being of new mothers & newborns, offering a comprehensive approach to postnatal care rooted in Ayurvedic principles.
Join us on a journey that aligns tradition with innovation, creating a haven of health and wellness where you and your baby can thrive.

Mobile Number :  04844863732 | 8547751901

Address : 288H+J5, near Serene Villas, Vazhakkala, Kakkanad, Ernakulam, Kerala 682021

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 Key Benefits

Physical Recovery :

•⁠  ⁠Faster Healing: Reduce pain, discomfort, and recovery time after childbirth. •⁠  ⁠Manage Discomfort: Address issues like back pain, constipation, and piles. •⁠  ⁠Infection Prevention: Minimize the risk of infections related to childbirth. •⁠  ⁠Breastfeeding Support: Get expert guidance for a smoother breastfeeding experience.

Emotional Well-being :

•⁠  ⁠Reduced Anxiety & Stress: Feel more supported and confident during this transition. •⁠  ⁠Improved Sleep: Learn techniques to promote better sleep patterns. •⁠  ⁠Emotional Support: Address postpartum concerns and build a support network.

Nutritional Benefits:

Customized Diet: Ayurastra prescribes a customized diet plan based on the mother's constitution (Prakriti), helping in faster recovery and providing the necessary nutrients. Digestive Health: Special dietary recommendations and herbal formulations help in improving digestion and metabolism, which can be sluggish post-delivery.

Long-term Benefits:

Sustained Energy Levels: The holistic approach ensures that the mother regains and sustains her energy levels, enabling her to take better care of her newborn. Overall Well-being: Ayurveda promotes a balanced lifestyle, ensuring long-term health benefits for both the mother and the baby.

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